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AI Chat Foundations Utilisation Insights: A Detailed Look at Departmental Engagement

Discover how our innovative Chat Foundations and Topic Analysis are revolutionizing workplace productivity in our latest blog

A Focused Study on Chat Foundations Interactions

In our clients' quest to foster a tech-enabled workplace, the adoption and usage of their internal Chat Foundations are always under the microscope.

One of the benefits of hosting and deploying your own Internal Chat Foundation is the ability to own everything from the Chat Interface to the Assistants you create. To do this, we’ve developed our own Admin Centre to really analyse and understand how our people have been using the tool, culminating in our Topic Analysis insights.

Topic Categories:

In order to better understand how teams make the most out of Generative AI, we needed to examine chat history to identify the underlying intentions of conversations being had. To do this in a safe, secure and private manner, chats were passed through the model to analyse intentions and segment them into distinct clusters:

Email Drafting and Communications

This cluster primarily deals with drafting emails for various internal and external communication needs, including project updates,referral requests, and feedback solicitation, demonstrating the firm's active engagement and follow-up practices

Financial Operations and Client Advisory

Contains intents related to financial management, including bank account reconciliation, payment plans, financial documentation, and advice on financial matters, showcasing the firm's accounting and financial advisory capabilities.

Legal and Regulatory Advisory

Focuses on legal inquiries, including rights to review claims, applicability of specific legal provisions, legislative clarifications,and drafting legal documents, highlighting the firm's legal expertise and advisory services

Personal Identification and Information Requests

Involves requests for information about specific individuals, their expertise, and roles within the firm, suggesting an interest in direct communication or further information about team members or associates

Service Exploration and Professional Guidance

Deals with inquiries about specific services, referrals to tax advisors, and assistance with estate planning, underscoring the diverse range of professional services the firm offers.

Strategic Project Initiatives and Proposals

Involves enhancing communication through sentence rephrasing, social media content creation, and written content optimization,indicating a focus on marketing and strategic communication

Tax Consultation and Compliance

Comprises tax-related inquiries, including tax implications,rules, and legislation, offering insights into the firm's tax advisory and compliance services.

Technical Support and Development

Encompasses technical inquiries, including coding assistance, R&D feedback, technology tool evaluations, and troubleshooting,reflecting the firm's involvement in technical development and support.

Breaking down Topic Categories across the Organisation:

The above topic categories allow us to break down varied engagement levels across departments, highlighting the distinctive ways in which our teams are leveraging this technology. Below, we provide an in-depth look at these usage statistics and explore their implications.


The latest internal metrics tell a story of varied engagement levels across departments, highlighting the distinctive ways in which teams are leveraging this technology. Below, we provide an in-depth look at these usage statistics and explore their implications:

Chat Foundations' engagement levels across departments

We can even drill down into individual user usage:

Chat Foundations' usage by an individual employee

Analysing the Usage Patterns

The varied engagement with the AI Chatbot can likely be attributed to several factors:

Task Complexity and Volume: Teams with high-frequency, repetitive tasks stand to gain immediate benefits from the chatbot, as seen in the Tax Compliance and IT Support statistics.

Access to Critical Information: Teams that focus on  Legal and Strategic Initiatives value the chatbot's ability to provide instantaneous access to a vast repository of data,which aids in informed decision-making.

Potential for Process Enhancement: Teams in Financial Operations for example, leverage the bot for analytic capabilities that enhance advisory services and client interactions.

Strategic Recommendations

Armed with this data, the next steps become apparent:

Enhance Training: Organise training sessions aimed at revealing the full potential of the chatbot's capabilities relevant to each department's workflow.

Customization and Feedback Loop: Actively seek feedback and adapt the chatbot to better meet the specific needs of various teams, thereby increasing usability and adoption.

Knowledge Exchange: Foster an internal culture of sharing where departments with high engagement can showcase their successful chatbot strategies to others.

By acting on this data-rich analysis, we can improve the utilisation of our AI Chatbot across all departments, in turn allowing us to enhance overall productivity and streamline our operations in ways that redefine how we work.


Interested in how our Chat Foundations can enhance your business operations? Reach out to us today to learn more.

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