Invest in Australia’s leading geospatial analytics platform for the property industry is an exciting and sophisticated prop-tech platform that is helping to solve complex location-based problems and provide decision-making confidence for the property industry.

Led by an experienced team of data scientists, technologists, and property experts, delivers complex geo-spatial analysis using large data sets to provide game-changing analytics for the property industry. collects and analyses millions of data points – from financial and location information to consumer profiling – to provide sophisticated analysis and recommendations about how a location is - or should be - used.

As an early-stage prop-tech company, is continuing to build its technological capability. Currently, the platform has the ability to analyse any site in an Australian CBD location, but we have plans to scale the business through expansion into new geographical regions and industries.

There is an exciting opportunity to invest in, to support the product development and go-to-market strategy that will achieve this innovative company’s vision. We have created a digital information memorandum (IM) to provide more information about the investment opportunity and we’d be happy to share this with you if you’d like to dive into the detail.