Partners leverages the power of a broad range of data sets – including ‘big data’ – and advanced analytics to deliver the insights that help you better understand your customers and how they are using your assets. 

We have partnered with leading Australian and global data providers to help us provide these deep insights.  By combining then modelling the data using these proprietary data sources, we can now deliver an awareness of customers and location that has never before been available.

Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is Australia’s best known and longest established market research company, with an unparalleled reputation for reliable, accurate, meaningful, revealing market research. 

We utilise Roy Morgan’s Helix Persona data product to help you discover who your customers and potential customers really are, where to find them and how to reach them.  Helix Personas is a powerful psychographic consumer segmentation tool that combines psychographic, attitudinal and behavioural data to classify the Australian population. 

Leveraging this data helps you better understand your customers attitudes, values and beliefs – their likely views on food & beverage, health & wellness, personal services, shopping and much more.  This can be used to better tailor services for your customers, co-ordinate activations and events, and inform marketing strategies. 


Near (formerly UberMedia, or UM) is the world’s largest source of intelligence on people and places.  They specialise in aggregating, cleansing and contextualising large data sets that can then be used to inform more timely, accurate and strategic decisions. utilises de-identified and aggregated mobile location data provided by Near, to undertake human movement analysis within a defined (“geo-fenced”) two-dimensional area.  This geo-fenced area can be an office building, a retail precinct, or a community asset like a park.  We apply our own developed algorithms to generate further insights into how the asset/area is being used, and link the mobile location data from devices to demographics and psychographics (Helix Personas) to profile the cohort of people within the area. 

 This customised approach provides you with the best understanding of your customer base, while still adhering to all privacy laws and policies. 


CoreLogic has Australia’s most comprehensive property database, with coverage of 98% of the property market and more than 4 billion decision points. 

We combine our proprietary liveability metrics for residential areas with CoreLogic’s Onthehouse property listings within the research website.  This provides site users with additional insights into how liveable the area (the 20-minute walking neighbourhood) surrounding a property is, in terms of walkability, and access to key services and amenity. 

We are currently working with the CoreLogic team to integrate their detailed rental history data into our Build-to-Rent customer and location intelligence solution.  This will allow BTR developers to identify the areas of capital cities to target for feasibility studies, based on rental values and profiles of potential future customers.  

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