Our software-as-a-service platform that provides deep insights into how, when and who is visiting your assets, to help inform strategies and works to maximise their value.

Understand your assets and precincts

What are the long-term impacts of COVID-19?

The impact of the pandemic – particularly lockdowns in major cities - has changed the way people utilise civic assets.  Things may be returning to something like “normal”, but when and where?  

Hybrid working has changed the game forever

The advent of hybrid working where workers are spending at least one day working remotely.

The latest tech to better understand your community

Advances in geo-spatial data and tech platforms now make it easier to understand what is happening within these civic spaces.

Use Cases

Capital Works Assessment

Using visitation key metrics coupled with capital works data, better understand how effectively capital is being allocated (or optimised) across asset portfolio.

Category Asset Analysis

Assess how assets within a category (e.g. Community Centres) are serving the local community.  Which require upgrades or re-positioning based on utilisation?

Precinct Analysis

Geo-fence precincts of interest to betterunderstand visitation.  How localised is visitation?  How does it vary by day of week?  Where are the hot spots?

Activation & Events

Analyse how major events impacted a precinct.  How did visitation change over the course of the event?  What was the uplift from an activation plan?

Transit Analysis

Visualise transitory activity (separated from stationary activity) to analyse how visitors are moving through a civic space.

Catchment Analysis

In addition to asset and precincts, define a catchment that can also be analysed within the platform (e.g.

a 20-minute neighbourhood).


Asset Inventory

Optimise your asset planning with Propella.Civic's asset inventory feature, offering easy tracking of asset location, condition and performance for informed decision-making, resource optimisation and improved operational efficiency.

Psychographic Analysis

Unlock your target audience's attitudes, behaviours, and interests with our psychographic analysis tool, gaining invaluable insights for targeted marketing and product development to drive growth and gain a competitive edge.

Activity Index

Improve your civic asset usage with propella.civic's Activity Index metric, offering insights into who and when your assets are being used, improving resource allocation and driving operational efficiency.

Asset Utilisation

Optimise your asset utilisation with heatmaps, offering a visual representation of asset utilisation across different locations, enabling you to identify areas of high and low utilisation and make informed decisions to improve asset allocation.


Actionable insights so your team can make the right call.

Our custom reports provide deep customer insights and location intelligence through the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

Each report is individually prepared by our team of expert data scientists and property analysts.

Location Intelligence

Utilise geospatial data to make informed business decisions.

Customer Profiling

Analyse consumer traits to refine targeted marketing strategies.

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