Location Intelligence

Whether you aim to enhance an existing asset or undertake a new project, having a comprehensive overview of your property or site is crucial. propella.ai employs innovative technology to identify market gaps and oversupply in your target area, enabling you to leverage opportunities and prevent expensive errors.

Understand the area around your asset.

Determining a suitable trade area is the first step in understanding your local commercial ecosystem. propella.ai applies a proven method to derive the appropriate trade area or catchment for your asset, followed by detailed analyses of this catchment including:

Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
Resident, worker and visitor analysis
Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
Retail supply analysis
Clocks - Technology Webflow Template
Retail supply/demand modelling to identify highest and best use retail for the trade area

Actionable insights so your team can make the right call.

Our custom reports provide deep customer insights and location intelligence through the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

Each report is individually prepared by our team of expert data scientists and property analysts.

Location Intelligence

Utilise geospatial data to make informed business decisions.

Customer Profiling

Analyse consumer traits to refine targeted marketing strategies.

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