People Movement

Understanding when and how people move through an area allows property professionals and urban developers to draw inferences as to what their customers (or community) are doing in that area.

Insights provided by’s people movement analysis allow you to make property-management decisions based on data, rather than gut-feel.

People Movement Analysis

Learn how the space in and around your site is used, to help inform your development or maintenance strategies

For property professionals and urban planners, it's crucial to know how the spaces around your site are used, when and by whom. Using big data and’s in-house technology, we can distinguish between residents, workers and visitors and can draw meaningful insights about these cohorts.

These conclusions:

Help asset managers and developers inform their retail strategy

Help urban planners understand which areas of public space are/aren't being used – to plan for maintanance and capital works,

Help asset, development and urban planners understand visitation to their site (by hour of day/day of week), to their site to help inform optimal trading hours

To gain detailed insights into how people use the area of interest, can:

Geofence the site in question to understand how people move through that area.

Determine a 7-minute trade area around the site itself which acts as the area in question

Classify these people as locals, workers, visitors to determine who the people are using the space.

Heatmap the area around the site to determine hotspots

Undertake before and after location analysis

Analyse how workers move between key sites within a precinct

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Custom Reporting

We give you the actionable insights so your team can make the right call.

Our custom reports provide deep customer insights and location intelligence through the use of big data and artificial intelligence.

Each report is individually prepared by our team of expert data scientists and property analysts.

We’ve worked with Australia’s largest institutional property investment and development companies.


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