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We help property companies make more confident location-based decisions using artificial intelligence

Change the [built] world with maths and data.


Why combines our property expertise, vast and broad geo-spatial data sets ("big data"), and advanced analytics (including statistical analysis and artificial intelligence) to provide the property industry with sophisticated insights that drive better decision-making for commercial properties.

Whether you’re looking to assess a new site for feasibility or due diligence, or seeking to optimise the services mix on an existing site, our sophisticated analytics platform provides unparalleled insights into how property is being (or can be) used, empowering you to make better data-driven decisions.

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Our Clients

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest institutional property investment and development companies.

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"The platform and team were pivotal in determining the optimal mix of retail services to offer in the podium of our mixed use development planned for Southbank."

David Monaghan,
General Manager - Retail,
Beulah International

Our Technology


The foundation of the platform is HYDRA, our core database that houses the terabytes of data we have acquired over the past year. The database is optimised for running large, complex queries on the big data sets across space and time dimensions.


Our Building Occupant Profiling product offering has been developed over the past six months. Using anonymised people movement data linked to consumer profiles, we geofence a commercial precinct and provide unparalleled insights into who works there, how they use the area, their attitudes, values and beliefs, and whether the surrounding catchment for the precinct is meeting the needs of the workers.


Our original AI-powered product, GLORIA, is currently being upgraded to encompass the additional data sets that we now have available to provide even more sophisticated analysis and recommendations for the best and highest use services for a retail space.  


We are currently developing a model that will provide assessment and recommendations for best and highest use social infrastructure services (e.g. child care, green space, kindergartens, playgrounds, etc.) for a planned development, based on the needs of the residents within the subject site and the surrounding 20-minute neighbourhood and existing (and planned) services and amenity.

The platform is a continuously evolving data science workbench upon which we construct our product offerings, and can run custom analytics for specific client engagements.

Our Solutions

Solving complex location-based problems with AI-powered insights.

The Platform


Office Tenant Analysis & Forecasting

Forecasting the growth of different types of businesses in an area.

Office Tenant Predictive Analytics

Predicting the movement and growth of commercial businesses within an area.

Office Worker Profiling

Profiling office workers to identify who these people are, what they think and how they behave.


Retail Customer Profiling

Profiling the movements, behaviours, needs, values and spending habits of visitors to a retail precinct.

Retail Tenant Analysis & Forecasting

Forecasting the growth of different types of retail businesses categories within an area.

Retail Tenant Predictive Analytics

Predicting the movement and growth of retail businesses within an area.

F&B Venue Analysis

Analysing the type of cuisine, rating and pricing of popular venues within an area.

Highest & Best Use Recommendations

Using historical and forecast data across both demand (residential, worker and visitor populations, including retail expenditure across segments) and supply-side (existing competition and planned development), derive projected revenue and provide recommendation on retail mix for a precinct.


Residential Forecasting

Forecasting residential population growth and the demographic of these populations.

Resident Customer Profiling

Analysing the residents of neighbourhoods surrounding a proposed development, including attitudes and spending habits.


Analysing the social amenities required to create livable developments and space.

Accommodation & Tourism

Accommodation Analysis & Forecasting

Identifying and forecasting the growth in accommodation within an area, including number of tourists and length of stay.

Tourist Customer Profiling

Identifying and profiling tourists visiting a precinct, including approximate home locations, shopping attitudes and behaviours.

People Movement & Transit

Visualising how people travel to, from and around a particular location.

The propella.aiPlatform


Building Occupant Profiling

Services/Amenity Needs Analysis

Office Tenant Analysis & Forecasting


Retail Catchment Derivation

Customer Profiling- Food & Beverage Analysis

Expenditure Analysis & Forecasting

Supply & Demand Forecasting

Highest & Best Use Recommendations


Resident Profiling

Residential Predictive Analytics

Social Infrastructure Recommendations

Accommodation & Tourism

Tourist Analysis & Profiling

Expenditure Analysis & Forecasting

Tourism Predictive Analytics

People Movement

Foot Traffic Patterns & Heat Maps

Event Analysis

Any Defined Location/Area

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