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Geofence an area and start analysing how, when and who is using it

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Insights Reports

Engage us for specific projects where you require customer and location data and insights to inform and support your property  strategies in planning, research, design, leasing, sales, management, marketing and more.​

Software Solutions​

We are developing industry solutions that provide access to ongoing data and insights on a live web-based platform.  Our and propella.civic solutions are live now, with propella.retail and propella.resi under development.​

Data & AI Services​

We leverage our expertise in data and generative AI to develop solutions for our clients, unlocking value from the data in their environments.  ​

Better understand the customers in your region, precinct and asset

Use data insights to inform development, asset management and marketing decisions that create better places and drive asset value.

Whether your asset is an office building, a residential development, a retail precinct or a community asset, the right data can provide unparalleled insights to inform how you plan for and manage your properties.

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Better understand your customers
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Learn how your asset is being used
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Understand the area around your asset

View your asset and customers from every angle

We provide property data & analytics solutions across multiple sectors to maximise asset value - whether you're looking to optimise an existing asset, planning a new development or evaluating a new site.

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Customer Profiling
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Location Intelligence
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People Movement

Valuable insights for your sector

Office Buildings

Gain insights into office space utilisation, tenant preferences, and market trends to support office leasing, tenant retention, asset repositioning and Return to Office strategies.

Residential Developments

Identify, segment and profile your target residents, and gain data to inform your development strategy including apartment mix, resident amenities and ground floor retail uses to suit your target residents and the local market.

Retail & Shopping Centres

Gain a deep understanding of who your customers are, your competitors and the surrounding market in which your retail precinct or centre is located, to drive your retail strategy.

Civic Amenity

Data on community assets, facilities and infrastructure to support all levels of government with planning, acquisition, operation and maintenance, budgeting, reporting, renewal and disposal of assets.

Mixed-use Developments

Assess the balance between residential, commercial, and recreational spaces to design vibrant, cohesive, and functional mixed-use developments.

Industrial Assessment

Optimise industrial facility layout, assess supply chain efficiency, and evaluate local labour market conditions to drive productivity and profitability.

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