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Tailored and Pre-Built Data and AI Solutions that maximise the potential of your business and projects

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Get Smarter With Your Data

Streamline Business Data

Integrate live data from different sources, systems and software to create clear processes and dashboards.

Elevate Decision Making

Understand the insights and opportunities buried in your data to make commercially sound business decisions.

Improve Client Experience

Communicate more effectively with your clients and get an integrated view of client information to understand opportunities and deliver quality services.

Reduce Business Risk

Improve process automation and data hygiene to better control data, identify risks or threats and reduce errors.  

Your Industry

Industry-leading Solutions To Get Ahead of the Pack

Professional Services

Embed AI across your business to connect data that leads to better decisions, operational efficiencies, and improved client experience.

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Access incredible AI-powered insights from human-centric data to better understand how your customers use your places and spaces.

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What Industry Are You In?

Our pre-built and custom AI and data solutions can add value to many businesses and industries.

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Where Are You In Your AI Journey?

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Where Are You In Your AI Journey?

Curious to Learn More

Al Readiness Assessment
Data Strategy Development
Al Use Case Identification
Overview of Al Solutions
Al Governance Guidelines
Systems Review Workshop
Cost Analysis

Educated But Too Busy

Data Infrastructure Development
Integration with Business Processes
Al Solution Scaling
Al Governance Implementation
Custom ML Algorithm
Custom Product Implementation
Product Training
Tracking Performance
Data Quality Management
Al Compliance and Adherence
Research Use Cases
Advanced Reporting
Business Continuity Planning
Strategic Al Consultation
Ongoing Training and Support

Who We Are

Why Propella?

Cut Through the AI Noise with an Experienced Team Working With Successful Australian Businesses

Experts in Big Data and AI

Propella’s experienced team have been working in the world of data and AI for many years to deliver valuable insights and systems improvements that maximise results.

Deep Industry Understanding

Many of our experts have worked directly within professional services firms and the property industry so we really get your business challenges, client personas and staff needs.

Agile Approach For Best Results

We meet you where you are and can move from idea to outcome in weeks to deliver value quickly.


Over 100+ Clients Trust Us

Prof Services

Trevor Gordijn


"From the outset, Propella demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry-specific challenges. Their expertise in data security ensured that our custom chatbot that targets areas from Law to Tax Compliance - was not only intelligent and responsive but also compliant with stringent data protection regulations."


Vanessa Brown, Head of Marketing

Clarendon Property Group

"Propella.ai have been able to give us deep, accurate, and highly beneficial insight into our customers and how they use our services - in turn, allowing us to better serve them, bring in business for our retailers, and be proactive, rather than reactive, in how we invest and plan."


Christian Grahame, Head of Home


"In developing the Richmond Traders precinct, we worked with Propella.ai to understand the needs of our community - what they like and what’s not currently available for them.

The customer and location intelligence insights delivered by the team at propella.ai were a critical element of our retail mix and leasing strategy.”

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