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Talent Discovery in Large Organisations with Generative AI

Discover how AI can revolutionise talent discovery and automate recruitment processes.

In large organisations, identifying the right talent for specific needs is a daunting task, particularly when teams are diverse and dispersed across multiple locations. This article explores how leverages generative AI to revolutionise talent discovery. We'll showcase a real-world example of how our solution helped professional services firm BlueRock overcome challenges associated with traditional talent pool management.

Challenges of Traditional Talent Discovery in Large Organisations

BlueRock was managing its talent pool using a master spreadsheet accessible through a SharePoint portal. While functional, this method was labour-intensive and limited in effectiveness due to its reliance on structured user queries and the difficulty of maintaining up-to-date skills information.

How's Generative AI Solution Empowers BlueRock

To enhance and automate talent discovery with AI, developed a custom solution using a privately hosted version of ChatGPT, ensuring secure interactions and data protection.  

The platform enables employees to engage in a 'staff-bio interview' linked to their login. During this interaction, the Large Language Model (LLM) acts as a virtual Human Resources manager, eliciting specific skillset details relevant to the company's needs through casual conversation. The LLM then synthesises this information, making it readily available for others seeking similar skillsets.  

Benefits of Generative AI to Assist with Talent Discovery

Our secure platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems and offers several key benefits:

  • Automated screening interviews with potential hires through a user-friendly interface is both convenient for the candidate, who does it in their own time, and the hiring manager who doesn’t need to chase candidates, arrange times and do the interviews.  
  • This ‘virtual HR manager’ prompts employees to answer questions about relevant skillsets through casual conversation, providing a great candidate experience.
  • Unstructured query support means the solution goes beyond traditional keyword searches, allowing for more intuitive exploration of talent based on diverse skillsets.
  • The LLM continuously learns from interactions, ensuring the information remains current and reflects employees' evolving skillsets.
  • The solution generates comprehensive "staff summary" bios, providing valuable insights for internal talent discovery and external purposes, such as company website bios.
  • The data captured can be summarised to enhance internal networking. An HR team can share summaries of colleagues skills and experience across departments with greater ease, fostering a collaborative work environment.
ConversationalAI System Workflow Diagram

The Future of Generative AI in Talent Discovery is continuously innovating to make our solution even more effective. We plan to make our product more versatile and user-friendly by incorporating peer feedback into the skill database and integrating publicly available content, like LinkedIn profiles and employee-authored blogs, to create richer employee bios.  

We also see potential in applying the interview solution structure to streamline company processes and workflows, enhancing overall operational efficiency.  

Talent Discovery Solution
Talent Discovery Solution

Explore Secure Generative AI Solutions for Large Enterprises

As many businesses explore generative AI and LLMs to bridge knowledge gaps, data security remains a paramount concern. These tools are redefining how data is integrated into employee workflows. If your company is keen on embracing these technologies securely while facing challenges due to workforce scale and diversity, reach out to We specialise in crafting customised, data-secure solutions tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring both efficiency and integrity.  

Ready to leverage the power of generative AI to automate your talent management? Register here for our upcoming webinar on the topic, or contact us today!

Matt Molony

Head of Data Science