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"Green" office buildings are attracting more workers back to the office has provided evidence that workers are in fact returning to “greener” office buildings in greater force

For the first time in Australia, has delivered evidence that workers are in fact returning to “greener” office buildings in greater force.

The below graph was generated using Buildings in the Melbourne CBD with NABERS Energy Ratings of 6 stars were grouped together, as were office buildings with 4 star NABERS Energy Ratings. We have observed that Worker Activity has been higher in office buildings with 6 star NABERS Energy ratings, and lower in buildings with 4 star NABERS Energy ratings, when compared to the Melbourne CBD average.

The above graph is an example of how new metrics and data insights can support the property industry moving towards net-zero carbon offices, with evidence supporting that greener office buildings will ultimately result in higher asset value, through successfully securing and retaining leading companies, that successfully attract and retain the best talent. The Psychographic feature in tells us that workers in these office building are typically socially aware and care about the environment.

NABERS Energy Ratings are a great way to track and manage the emissions from the energy used to power an office building, but carbon neutral goes a step further, recognising other sources of carbon emissions created from the building’s operations, including energy, water, waste and refrigerants.

There are currently 14 office buildings in the Melbourne CBD that have a valid Carbon Neutral Certification. Achieving this certification highlights that a building is committed to sustainability and creates a point of differentiation and competitive advantage in the market.

Using we have generated a graph of the 14 office buildings with NABERS Carbon Neutral certificates against the Melbourne CBD office building average. The graph below shows that Worker Activity in a set of NABERS Carbon Neutral buildings started to trend above the Melbourne CBD Average in March, following the public health recommendations to work from home being removed and masks no longer being required in the office.

If you would like to join the Melbourne Pilot Program to be able to generate insights like these yourself, and track changes in Worker Activity in office buildings on a weekly basis, please contact us for further information, or you can learn more here.

Connor Dixon

Property Analyst