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Scoring Retail Amenity for your Office Building

Learn how to determine the density and diversity of Retail Amenity in your building's catchment area.

Analysis of Human Movement Data has revealed that workers typically only walk within 7-minutes of their office building for their day-to-day needs.  We have derived catchment areas for each office building within based on a 7 minute walk (in any direction), shown below in blue.

The density and diversity of retail businesses for Melbourne office buildings is then analysed and ranked out of 10 for their level of Retail Amenity.

While an overall retail score out of 10 is derived, users can also deep dive into the retail sub-categories:

food & beverage

health & wellness


service; and

general retail

You can see these measured in the below graph.

With interactive 3D mapping technology, Retail Analytics is a tool that can inform and support your retail, office leasing, marketing, asset repositioning and development strategies. Contact us to learn more!

Callan Cameron