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Is There a Correlation Between a Building's Third Space Amenity and Worker Activity Levels?

Discover the potential correlation between an office building's third space amenity and worker activity within the building

The 'third space' is an extension of the workplace, or the third place in which people perform work - the first being their home, second being their workplace. It's a place where you can carry out a job function, meet and interact with other like-minded people, exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships.

Using, we analysed the Worker Activity in a set of Melbourne office buildings that have recently carried out extensive refurbishments of their lobbies and incorporated abundant third space amenity - being 485 La Trobe, 161 Collins, 367 Collins and 2 Southbank Blvd.

Worker Activity is a new metric that allows comparison of Worker Activity levels between office buildings, irrespective of building size and vacancy level. This provides visibility into which buildings are successfully attracting workers back to the office, and which buildings aren’t. Please note, this is not a percentage of building occupancy, it is an index.

The Worker Activity in these four buildings with abundant third space (shown in blue) was compared against the average Worker Activity for A Grade office buildings in the Melbourne CBD (orange).

During the first quarter of 2022, Worker Activity was consistently higher in the 4 office buildings with new lobbies and abundant third space amenity. In other words, this is evidence that buildings with abundant third space amenity have successfully been attracting workers back to the office, above their peers.

Interestingly, a convergence was observed during March 22, following changes in public health orders, whereby people were no longer recommended to work from home and masks were no longer required in the office. Have these buildings continued to outperform the A Grade average? How has your own office building been performing? The Worker Activity data is updated weekly, so please contact us below to find out.

Callan Cameron