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Day of the Week Analysis for the Commercial Office Sector

Learn which days of the week are most popular in Melbourne CBD offices buildings post-COVID

The Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (“TWT”) work week has been well documented, but has now delivered insight into how this trend has been, and continues to change over time.

The graphs below show the proportion of weekly worker activity in Melbourne CBD office buildings, spread across different days of the week.

  • The black lines in both graphs are the same. They are the average worker activity by Day of the Week, prior to the COVID pandemic (period from Sep 19 to Feb 20). The black lines show that TWT is not a new phenomenon.
  • The 3-month period from March to May 2021 was selected as it had the busiest observed worker activity levels in 2021 in the Melbourne CBD, which in between lockdowns #3 and #4.
  • The TWT pattern is clearly evident, with both Mondays and Fridays sitting well below the pre-COVID proportion (black line).
  • By comparison, during a recent 3 month period from February to April 2022, there has been an increase in the proportion of workers returning to the office on Mondays. The activity on Fridays has also increased, but is still sitting well below the pre-COVID proportion (black line).
  • In conclusion, while overall worker activity remains well below pre-covid levels, the proportion of workers returning to the office on Mondays has now returned to the same proportion as before COVID.

This analysis was generated using the new platform, delivering weekly insights into workers within office buildings and the precincts surrounding these buildings.

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Gus McLennan

Managing Director & Co-Founder