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Workers are Returning to Higher Quality Office Buildings

Learn how Worker Activity in Premium Grade buildings compare with A & B Grade buildings

The Worker Activity feature in is helping us to understand which factors are influencing worker behaviour, with respect to their decision to return to the office or not. We recently tested office building quality as one of these factors.

We grouped Melbourne CBD assets by their building grade and found that:

  • Of the workers that have been returning to Melbourne office buildings over the last 2 years, they have been returning to higher quality buildings more than lower quality buildings
  • This graph shows that Premium Grade buildings have consistently had greater Worker Activity than A Grade and B Grade buildings.

Premium vs A Grade vs B Grade Buildings

Due to the widespread adoption of hybrid working, Worker Activity is now a measure of demand for the office sector. As a result, we are forecasting that there will be a continued divergence of rents and values between prime and secondary office buildings in the future.  

You can read about how the following also have been impacting workers' return to the office:

a) buildings' third space amenity and

b) buildings' NABERS ratings

To learn more about our Worker Activity Index and what it says about your building, reach out today.

Callan Cameron